My charity of the year has made me feel amazing, again!

So, I chose this charity as my charity of 2014, and just a few weeks into 2015, they sent me a lovely email with good news about a student I support. I donate a monthly amount that covers the cost for one school student and the charity linked my support to a particular student, Jennifer. I received the email below telling me how a school in NW England (where charity founders Sue and Ron are based) had fundraised to raise money for shoes for Arise Community School students. They sent me a photo of Jennifer in her new shoes.

New shoes for Jennifer

But here’s the thing, the charity is new and run on the boundless positivity and love of its founders, Ron and Sue. Passionate and determined as they may be, they could really do with a helping hand in the digital sphere, at least some training or support to help them get things up and running. I wondered if anyone who knows me online (or in real life!) has connections with someone in or around Liverpool/Manchester who has expertise on social media, websites and the like, and could spare a bit of time to help Ron and Sue reach more people and bring in more support to boost the education of the children who live near Mt Kilimanjaro.

The charity – Africa’s Children in Education – now have a website, a Facebook group and a blog, and these all need updating on a regular basis to tell donors about the impact of their support and just to keep everyone informed of changes and developments at the school. (Like this phenomenal news!) Supporters get lots of updates from Arise Community School, and it would be fantastic for Ron and Sue to reach a bigger audience and for more people to see just what an impact this great charity has.

If you can help or you know someone who can, please put yourself forward. I promise you won’t regret it, the charity is doing such brilliant work and in the most positive and life affirming way!


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