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First Communion

I have chosen a rather pretentious title for a first blog post. And ironic, as although I did have a first communion when I was a child, I have long since dropped religion and its many aspects from my life. I am joyfully atheist.

Should I write at length about what this blog will be? Or perhaps I should assume at this early stage, my contributions over time will make it somewhere people come, or not. And somewhere I come regularly to soothe my troubled mind. Or to get things off my chest. A rant. A rave. (I do both)

Suffice to say, I am confident this place will have stuff about me, my work, my interests (arts, music, politics, photos, friends and much more) and that you will either like it, like some of it, hate it, never come back or keep coming back.

As for style, I have very little when it comes to clothes, and possibly even less in my writing. I write long sentences, use too much punctuation (especially brackets and exclamation marks), am prone to hyperbole and grammatical errors from rushing too fast.

So if I haven’t put you off yet, I hope you stay a while, because I plan to.